QUESTION: The original plan for constructing a new shelter was $1.5, then it was reduced to $1.2 million. What happened?

ANSWER: The original plans were for an 8,000-square-foot shelter at about $187 per square foot. For practical reasons, the shelter was redesigned to be nearly 6,000 square feet at approximately $200/square foot construction cost.

QUESTION: Is the capital campaign over now that you have neatly $1.5 million in pledges?

ANSWER: No, the capital campaign is not over. The entire campaign was for nearly $2 million, including a mortgage on the property, monies already spent on renovations and land development and costs of fencing, parking and landscaping needed to complete the project, which we are just now being derived.

We are grateful to every donor who has helped us achieve $1.5 million within four years of announcing the campaign. We are now in the “home stretch” and our goal is to be debt-free by the end of the capital campaign.

QUESTION: Has enough money been raised to start construction?

ANSWER: YES, but several steps must happen prior to building. For example, Stan and Amy Cape have created floorplans which show placement of rooms, doors, windows, major fixtures and appliances, etc. They are now preparing far more detailed and technical plans for the project including: elevation drawings, foundation plan, complete electrical layout, framing plan, plumbing and mechanical systems, cross section drawings, a roof plan, and a plot plan. Once they are finished, they will pass it onto a Mechanical Engineer who has already been selected and has helped design several animal shelters prior to this project.

Finalizing the architectural plans will take 3-4 months, and should conclude before the end of 2017.

QUESTION: When will we go out for bids for contractors and how long will it take for contractors to be selected?

ANSWER: A Request for Bids (RFP) for Contractors will be prepared immediately after the architectural plans are finalized – hopefully by the end of 2017. The selection process may take 1-2 months, depending on the number of applicants. So, if all goes well, we should know who the contractor is by February of 2018.

QUESTION: When will you start building?

ANSWER: Immediately after the selection of contractors. Depending on how harsh our winter is, we would hope to break ground by March of 2018.

QUESTION: Why will it take 18 months to build?

ANSWER: It will NOT take 18 months to build the new shelter. The entire process of completing the architectural and mechanical plans, selecting contractors and constructing the shelter is what will take approximately 18 months.

Construction should be completed within 1 year of breaking ground, so the Spring of 2019 is the anticipated date for completion, A grand opening of the new intake and adoption center will immediately follow.

QUESTION: Have you applied for any grants in conjunction with the capital campaign?

ANSWER: Yes, we wrote a letter of inquiry to PetSmart Charities, and were invited to submit a more detailed proposal by the end of September 2017. If awarded, we may be quite close to achieving our end-goal.

QUESTION: What is the Memorial Park?

ANSWER: HSLC is developing a portion of its 3.7-acre campus as a “Memorial Park” – a place where visitors can memorialize their pets, visit with animals they are considering adopting or just relax while visiting the new shelter. Located on over one acre on the eastern side of the property, the park is comprised of several “zones,” each to be completed with trees and benches and small “bubbler” irrigation systems to reduce water usage and ongoing maintenance. The park will also feature a “Memorial Wall” – to be filled with “bricks” or “tiles” honoring HSLC donors and their beloved pets or loved ones.  HSLC is researching the viability of adding columbaria in the Memorial Park as well (places to inter pets’ ashes.)

The idea is to raise enough money to not only complete the new intake and adoption center, but to support the ongoing cost of operating the new facility, once it has been built.

QUESTION: When will the Memorial Park be designed and completed?

ANSWER: After our architects complete the detailed plans for the shelter, craft the RFPs and select contractors. It is safe to say the park can be designed by the Spring of 2018.

As for estimated completion date of the Memorial Park, we are unsure. First step may be to build the Memorial Wall, before working on zones or sections of the Park. As we get more information, we will be happy to share it with the community.