James Cook Animal Shelter and Adoption Center

The Future of the Humane Society of Lincoln County 

In 2012, the Humane Society purchased 3.7 acres with 500 feet of Highway 70 frontage to kick start a capital campaign for a new Adoption and Intake Center and resale shop.  This new location has a warehouse that has already been remodeled and has greatly expanded our operations of the resale shop.  We are proud to report that following this expansion, sales have increased dramatically.

The new Adoption Center will be designed to be welcoming and spacious creating a non-stressful experience for visitors.  There will be areas, both indoors and out for people to spend time and interact with the animals they are considering adopting. There will be plenty of space for walking trails, benches and picnic tables.

The kenneling and ventilation will be state-of-the-art which is vitally important to maintain animal health. The animal areas will be designed to promote good behavior and create less stress in the animals which, in turn, will enhance adoptability. There will be space to perform aggression and behavioral testing, which will also promote adoptions and improve adoption retention rates.

Adoption and Intake Center Specifications

Plans have already begun to design the future Adoption and Intake Center which will provide a healthy, inviting environment and showcase our adoptable dogs and cats.  Designed to reduce stress, promote good health and behavior, it is also intended to create a space where potential adopters and volunteers find a welcoming, happy environment. The allocated space for both intake of stray and abandoned animals plus a separate area for adoptable dogs and cats will be approximately 8,000 square feet.

Included in the $1.5 million goal is $250,000 to reduce the mortgage on the allocated 2.5 acre land parcel and $80,000 for permits, roads, utilities, walking trail, screened cat playroom, fencing and landscaping.  The remaining $1.17 million dedicated to animal care.

Preliminary Specifications:

Animal capacity

  • 28 medium and large dogs – adoptable
  • 8 small dogs and puppies – adoptable
  • 24 cats – adoptable
  • 22 dogs in “Intake”
  • 5 dogs in quarantine
  • 24 cats in “Intake”
  • 8 cats in quarantine

Adoptable housing

  • 15 dogs to be housed in “village-style housing”
  • 13 dogs housed in kennels with guillotine doors to outside
  • 8 small dogs and puppies housed in ½ wall kennels
  • Covered space large enough for 3 dogs to run
  • 2 “community rooms” for cats
  • 16 cats in 4 existing condo units/4 cats each
  • Covered and screened outdoor playroom

Intake housing

  • Dogs in kennels with guillotine doors to outside
  • Quarantine and small dogs/puppies in kennels with no outside access
  • Cats – use existing 6 condo units/4 cats each
  • Quarantine cats – use 2 existing condo units/4 cats each

Additional accommodations required for animals

  • 2 medical/exam rooms – intake larger than adopt
  • Grooming room close to both intake and adopt
  • 3 kitchen/laundry facilities – 1 each for intake, cats, dogs, to include food preparation, food storage, and laundry
  • 3 janitorial storage located near kitchens
  • 2 reception/lobby areas – adopt larger than intake with space for retail sales
  • 2 bathrooms – one near adopt reception and one near intake

Director’s office

  • Staff break room between intake and adopt
  • 2 inside “meet and greet” room, furnished for dogs
  • 1 inside “meet and greet” room, furnished for cats


  • Adequate ventilation
  • Natural light in all areas
  • Excellent drainage


Please email capitalcampaign@hslcnm.org for a DVD which highlights our needs and our plans.